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Honors Pre-Calculus B

Important Information and Resources

Mixed Reviews

Unit 1 (Functions)

Section Section Resources
1.2, 1.3 (B) Functions and Their Graphs Notes 1 (Functions and Graphs) Video 1 Lesson (Functions and Graphs)
2.2 (B) Quadratic Functions Notes 2 (Quadratic Functions) Video 2 Lesson (Quadratic Functions)
3.2-3.4 (B) Logarithms Notes 3 (Logarithms) Video 3a Lesson (Properties of Logarithms) Video 3b Lesson (Exponential and Logarithmic Equations and Functions)
Transformations Notes 4 (Transformations) HW4 Worksheet Video 4a (Transformations of Functions) Video 4b (Transformations of Functions)
1.7 (B) Combinations and Composites Notes 5 (Combinations and Composite Functions) Video 5 Lesson (Combinations and Composite Functions)
2.6 (B) Rational Functions Notes 6 (Rational Functions) Video 6a (Rational Functions 1-3)

Video 6b (Rational Functions 4-5)


HW6: 2.6 Worksheet 2.6 Worksheet Answers
1.8 (B) Inverse Functions Notes 7 (Inverse Functions) Video 7 Lesson (Inverse Functions)
Unit 1 Review Material HW8: Unit 1 Test Review Unit 1 Test Review Answers

Unit 2 (Introductory Trigonometry)

Section Section Resources
4.4 (B) Trig. Functions of Any Angle Notes 9 (Trig. Functions of Any Angle) Video 9 Lesson (Trig. Functions of Any Angle)
4.5, 4.6 (B) Trig. Graphs Notes 10 (Trig. Graphs)

Video 10 (Trig. Graphs)

HW10: Graphs of Trig. Functions HW10 Worksheet Answers
4.7, 4.8 (B) Inverse Trig. Functions and Trig. Applications Notes 11 (Inverse Trig. Functions and Trig. Applications) Video 11 Lesson (Inverse Trig. Functions and Trig. Applications)
5.1 (B) Verifying Trig. Identities Notes 12 (Verifying Trig. Identities) Video 12 Lesson (Verifying Trig. Identities)
5.2 (B) Sum and Difference Formulas Notes 13 (Sum & Difference Formulas) Video 13 Lesson (Sum & Difference Formulas)
5.3 (B) Double and Half-Angles Notes 14 (Double and Half-Angles) Video 14 Lesson (Double and Half-Angles)
5.5 (B) Solving Trig. Equations Notes 15 (Solving Trig. Equations) Video 1 Lesson 15 (Solving Trig. Equations) Video 2 Lesson 15 (Solving Trig. Equations)
Unit 2 Review Material HW16: Unit 2 Review w/Answers
Cumulative Review Material HW17: Cumulative Review A Cumulative Review A Answer Key

Unit 3 (Additional Topics in Trigonometry)

Section Section Resources
6.1 (B) Law of Sines Notes 18 (Law of Sines) Video 18 Lesson (Law of Sines)
6.2 (B) Law of Cosines Notes 19 (Law of Cosines) Video 19 Lesson (Law of Cosines)
6.3 (B) Polar Coordinates Notes 20 (Polar Coordinates) Video 20 Lesson (Polar Coordinates)
6.4 (B) Polar Graphs Notes 21 (Polar Graphs) Video 21 Lesson (Polar Graphs)
6.5 (B) Complex Numbers in Polar Form Notes 22 (Complex Numbers in Polar Form) Video 22 Lesson (Complex Numbers in Polar Form)
6.6 (B) Vectors Notes 23 (Vectors) Video 23 Lesson (Vectors)
6.7 (B) Dot Product Notes 24 (Dot Product) Video 24 (Dot Product)
Unit 3 Review HW25: Unit 3 Review w/Answers
Cumulative Review Material HW26: Cumulative Review B Cumulative Review B Answer Key

Unit 4 (Sequences and Series)

Section Section Resources
10.1 (B) Sequences and Summations Notes 27 (Sequences and Summations) Notes 27 Key
10.2 (B) Arithmetic Sequences Notes 28 (Arithmetic Sequences) Notes 28 Key
10.3 (B) Geometric Sequences Notes 29 (Geometric Sequences) Notes 29 Key
Sequences and Series Review 10.3 Worksheet 10.3 Worksheet Answers
10E Sequences as Functions w/Modeling Notes 30 (Sequences w/Modeling) Notes 30 Key HW30: 10E Worksheet w/Answers
Unit 4 Review HW31: Unit 4 Test Review w/Answers Unit 4 Extra Review w/Answers

Unit 5 (Conics and Matrices)

Section Section Resources
1.9, 9.3 (B) Circles and Parabolas Notes 33 (Circles and Parabolas) Notes 33 PowerPoint Key
9.1, 9.2 (B) Ellipses and Hyperbolas Notes 34 (Ellipses and Hyperbolas) Notes 34 PowerPoint Key
9.3 (B) Parametric Equations Notes 35 (Parametric Equations) Notes 35 Key
8.1, 8.2 (B) Matrix Solutions to Systems Notes 36 (Matrix Solutions to Systems) Notes 36 PowerPoint Key
8.5 (B) Determinants and Cramer's Rule Notes 37 (Cramer's Rule) Notes 37 PowerPoint Key
7.4 (B) Solving Non-Linear Systems Notes 38 (Solving Non-Linear Systems) Notes 38 PowerPoint Key
Unit 5 Review HW39: Unit 5 Test Review w/Answers Unit 5 In-Class Review

Unit 6 (Limits)

Section Section Resources
11.1 (B) Limits Using Tables and Graphs Notes 39 (Introduction to Limits) Notes 39 PowerPoint Key
11.2 (B) Limit Properties Notes 40 (Limit Properties) Notes 40 PowerPoint Key
11.3 (B) Continuity Notes 41 (Continuity) Notes 41 PowerPoint Key
2.7 (R) Limits to Infinity Notes 42 (Limits to Infinity) Notes 42 Key
3.1 (R) Definition of the Derivative Notes 43 (Definition of the Derivative) Notes 43 Key
Unit 6 Review HW44: Unit 6 Limit Review w/Answers

Unit 7 (Derivatives)

Section Section Resources
3.2 (R) Derivatives of Poly. Functions Notes 45 (Power Rule) Notes 45 Video Lesson 3.2 Extra Worksheet w/Answers
3.3 (R) Product and Quotient Rule Notes 47 (Product and Quotient Rule) Notes 47 Key 3.3 Worksheet w/Answers
3.5 (R) Higher Derivatives Notes 48 (Higher Derivatives) Notes 48 Key
3.6 (R) Trig. Derivatives Notes 49 (Trig. Derivatives) Notes 49 Key
3.7 (R) Chain Rule Notes 50 (Chain Rule) Notes 50 Key 3.7 Worksheet w/Answers
3.9 (R) Derivatives of Exp. & Log. Notes 51 (Derivatives of Exp. & Log. Functions) Notes 51 Key
3.10 (R) Implicit Differentiation Notes 52 (Implicit Differentiation) Notes 52 Key
Unit 7 Review Material HW53: Unit 7 Test Review w/Answers
Cumulative Review Material HW54: Cumulative Review D Cumulative Review D Answer Key

Unit 8 (Derivatives)

Section Section Resources
2.3 (B) Polynomial Functions Notes 55 (Polynomial Functions) Notes 55 Key
3.2 (R) The Derivative as a Function Notes/HW56 (Graphs of Derivatives) Notes/HW 56 Key

HW56 Worksheet

4.2 (R) Critical and Extreme Values Notes 57 (Critical and Extreme Values) Notes 57 Key
4.3 (R) The Mean Value Theorem Notes 58 (The Mean Value Theorem & 1st Der. Test) Notes 58 Key
4.4 (R) The 2nd Derivative Test Notes 59 (2nd Derivative Test) Notes 59 Key
4.6 (R) Curve Sketching Notes 60 (Curve Sketching) Notes 60 Key
Unit 8 Review Material HW61: Unit 8 Test Review Unit 8 Test Review Answers
Cumulative Review Material HW62: Cumulative Review E (no answers will be provided.... please brainstorm with each other to make sure things are correct!)

Unit 9 (Derivative Applications)

Section Section Resources
3.11 (R) Related Rates Notes 63 (Related Rates) Notes 63 Key

HW63 Worksheet w/Answers

4.7 (R) Optimization Notes 64 (Optimization) Notes 64 Key HW64: Worksheet w/Answers
Unit 9 Review Material Related Rates and Optimization In Class Worksheet w/Answers Unit 9 Test Review 1 w/Answers Unit 9 Test Review 2 w/Answers
Cumulative Review Material HW67: Cumulative Review F (no answers will be provided.... please brainstorm with each other to make sure things are correct!)

Unit 10 (Integrals)

Section Section Resources
4.9 (R) Antiderivatives Notes 68 (Antiderivatives) Notes 68 Key
5.1 (R) Riemann Sums Notes 69 (Riemann Sums) Notes 69 Key
5.3 (R) Fundamental Theorem of Calculus Notes 70 (FTC part 1) Key FTC Worksheet w/Answers
5.6 (R) Integration by Substitution Notes 71 (Substitution) Notes 71 Key
5E (R) Integral Properties Notes 72 (Integral Prop.) Notes 72 Key Integral Prop. Worksheet w/Answers
Unit 10 Review Material HW73: Unit 10 Test Review and In-Class Unit 10 Test Review w/Answers Unit 10 Review 2 w/Answers
Cumulative Review Material HW74: Cumulative Half-Test Review 1 w/Answers

Unit 11 (Integral Applications)

Section Section Resources
Position, Velocity, Acceleration PVA Notes PVA Notes Key PVA Worksheet w/Answers
6.1 (R) Area Between Curves Notes 76 (Area Between Curves) Notes 76 Key
6.3 (R) Volumes Notes 77 (Volumes) Notes 77 Key
Unit 11 Review Material HW78: Unit 11 Test Review w/Answers
Cumulative Review Material HW79: Cumulative Half-Test Review 2 w/Answers (Fix problem #'s: 18, 26, 31... Answers for #'s 7,8,14 have been edited)

Final Exams

Section Section Resources
Final Reviews Final Review Final Review Answers